Travel Musings: The Power of Small Adventures

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It’s time to get away.

That nagging, anxious feeling of being in the same place for too long is starting to get to me. My feet are itching to move, to walk a different path and visit a new place. The routine of daily life is draining me, and I must escape it. Even if for a brief moment.

To cure my wanderlust and the aching need to get away, a quick getaway is necessary. Luckily, I will be in travel bliss in a few short weeks (or long weeks, depending on how things go).

There are times I think a weekend escape isn’t enough. How can two or three days away possibly make me feel better? As some bright and inspiring ladies I follow on Instagram have told me, these small adventures definitely count. It doesn’t matter how small they are, it’s the fact that I’m taking them that really matters. They’ve reassured me that a hike in the mountains, even one less than an hour from my house, qualifies as an adventure.

These “small adventures” are powerful. They make life fun, change up routines and give us something to look forward to. They offer a release from our everyday hassles and stresses. A break, no matter how small, is good for us. It revives us, both physically and mentally.

Obviously, a long vacation is the best way to truly recharge, but that’s not always an option. Not everyone has the time or money to jet off for a few weeks to distant destinations. While I try to pencil one of these long trips on my calendar every year, the short trips are equally important for my sanity and my health.

If you can’t make a two-week trip happen, a long weekend here and there gives you that same sense of adventure and revitalization, just on a smaller scale. There are so many places that are only a few hours drive or flight away that will take you out of your comfort zone and expose you to something amazing, exciting and dynamic.

One or two days away from work are good for anyone’s mental state. I know that we have weekends which are meant for relaxation, but if you’re spending those at home or in front of the computer, then you’re not removing yourself from your normal life.

As Ralph Marston wisely said:

Rest when you’re weary. Refresh and renew yourself, your body, your mind, your spirit. Then get back to work.

We work hard, have responsibilities, and take on more than we should. We deserve a break. Even if that break is a three-day weekend to a national park or to a city we’ve never visited.

Small adventures are everywhere. It doesn’t matter how short the trip is, what matters is actually taking it.

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