Bruz Beers: The Brewery Around the Corner

It may not be around my corner, but Bruz Beers is giving people another reason to look at the Midtown neighborhood.

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It popped up in my daily Groupon email: Tasting flights for two at Bruz Beers. The name sounded vaguely familiar, and I didn’t know much about the brewery. Still, how could I possibly turn down nearly half price flights at a craft brewery. I bought it without thinking twice.

It was later when I was planning my visit to Bruz that I remembered where I’d first heard about it: an article in the Denver Post. The piece discussed how neighborhood breweries were becoming more common, mostly in the hopes that people will favor the watering hole closest to their home. And why wouldn’t they? It’s so much easier to walk to the brewery nearby than to hop in the car and drive to one of the many taprooms in Colorado – although, that’s exactly what I did.

Bruz’s ‘Hood

Bruz is not my neighborhood brewery. In fact, it’s a good 20 minute drive from where I live. However, if you’re lucky enough to live in the new Midtown development in Twin Lakes, Bruz is the brewery around the corner. The neighborhood is one of the newest in Denver, built to accommodate the thousands of people moving to Colorado. The site, just on the edge of the city, was once filled with dilapidated manufacturing buildings. Now, contractors have transformed it into an urban hot spot filled with modern homes. While it’s still in it’s fledgling stage, and the new homes remind me somewhat of a suburb rather than a city, the neighborhood shows a lot of promise. Throw a craft brewery in the mix, and you’ve got the makings for a hip living area, prime for young families looking to set up roots in Denver.A7006000-BAD1-46D4-9F96-051533CE8933

The Vibe

Even from the outside, it’s clear Bruz is the local neighborhood hangout. It’s located in the heart of Midtown, right next to a community garden and an off-leash dog park. A new coffee shop is opening up next door, and rows of houses are nestled right across the street. Inside, the design is clean and simple, nothing super flashy or crazy. It’s a cozy spot for friends to grab a drink, but also welcomes families with young kids. The range of clientele is diverse, and the crew behind the bar is friendly. One thing I did notice when I visited: Not one male bartender. It was the first time I had seen an all female staff at the taps, and it was refreshing. I’m sure there are male employees (the founders are both men), but I appreciate the display of girl power, especially in the beer industry.78979417-31A8-45D0-8683-6AB4D2B9219C

The Brewery and the Beers

Bruz Beers was founded by Charlie Gottenkieny and Ryan Evans, who both have a love and appreciation for Belgian beers. As a result, Bruz is known for it’s selection of Belgian-style brews.

My Groupon allowed for my husband and I to each enjoy a flight of five tasters. Since we wanted to sample as many beers as possible, we each went for a different selection. The bartender recommended we try all nine that were listed on the menu, and then add the two other specialty beers they had on tap. It worked for us! Now, I could go into detail about all the different flavor profiles of the 11 beers we tried, but I’d rather give you a taste (pun intended) of my favorites to pique your interest.C00CB085-19DC-4155-A2AA-B260C29F9E23

We started with the Brut la Grande, a Belgian-style Biere Brut, which resembles a Champagne. It was light and refreshing, but definitely strong, weighing in at 12.1% ABV. If you get this one, sip slowly and enjoy.

Next we tried the Dame Blanche, an authentic Witbier that won the 2016 Gold Medal at the DIBC. There are subtle hints of orange and coriander, with a slight kick of spice. I can certainly see why this beer is one of their award winners.

The Donker Enkel is a trappist-style dark single ale. It’s not quite at the level of a Dubbel or Quadrupel, but it has a nice richness, a clean finish, and a low alcohol content, which makes it easy to drink.

Probably the most well-known and popular of Bruz’s beers is the Mail Ale. It’s name derives from the fact that the residents of Midtown have to get their mail from mailboxes located right next to the brewery. So, why not grab a Mail Ale after you pick up the post? The Belgian-Brabant style Amber is made with six malts, creating an earthy, hearty brew that’s a neighborhood favorite.IMG_1020

Next down the line was the Onyx, a Belgian-style stout with strong aromas of coffee and chocolate. You can also pick up hints of dark fruits, like plum and currant. I love a good stout, and this one did not dissapoint. I’d recommend it on a cold winter night to warm you right up.

The Hellraiser (isn’t that an awesome name for a beer?) is a golden ale with a strong flavor profile. It was a little too hoppy for my liking, but still tasty. This is the perfect beer for those who enjoy a good pale ale.

The Atlas was the last beer listed on the menu, and it was a fine way to end. The Belgain-style Quadrupel is bold, dark and malty. The flavors are rich, fruity and sweet, with a strong finish. This is a beer you really should just kick back with and enjoy. IMG_1011

Clearly this doesn’t cover all the beers we drank, and there are many more that were not on tap that I still need to try. But as I mentioned, I wanted to leave you with something to salivate over as you plan your visit to this welcoming neighborhood watering hole.

When You Go:

Check the website for daily deals and events. Mondays are half price drafts all day, and Wed-Fri happy hour is from 3-6pm. There’s also trivia night on Wednesday, if you want to test your skills at useless (and not so useless) facts.

The brewery doesn’t have a kitchen, but food trucks rotate throughout the week. Check the website to see who will be serving up some great beer pairings when you visit.

Even though the brewery is fairly new (it opened in summer 2016), it’s been getting a lot of attention. People in the neighborhood clearly enjoy it, and many people are venturing over from nearby areas for a taste. If you go on the weekends, arrive a little early to get a seat at the bar. If you have a large group, snag one of the high top or long tables in the tasting room. On a warm day, the patio will be open, the perfect spot for sipping some brews.


Mon – Fri 3:00—10:00pm
Saturday Noon—10:00pm 
Sunday Noon —8:00pm

Location: 1675 W. 67th Avenue, Denver, Colorado 80221
(At the intersection of 67th  Avenue & Pecos Street)

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