Enjoy the Street Art of Colorado CRUSH

Street art makes a wall come to life, and Colorado CRUSH gives you a behind-the-scenes look at how that art is created.


Dozens of spray cans line the alley, sitting peacefully next to the works of art they helped create. Artists stand in front of the walls or up on ladders, blending, shading and highlighting their pieces. This is the scene at CRUSH, Colorado’s largest independent graffiti and street art project and event.

This was my first year attending the festival, but I had unknowingly been part of it every time I visited the RiNo neighborhood in downtown Denver. Much of the incredible street art I had admired over the years was created during this annual event.

What is Colorado CRUSH?

CRUSH, or Creative Rituals Under Social Harmony, started back in 2010 by Denver graffiti artist, Robin Munro. He wanted to build an event that showcases the artistic talents in Denver and all over the world. Every year, the festival has grown, expanding the project footprint and bringing in more artists. In 2017, approximately 100 artists painted street art murals over the week-long event. Walls were painted from 27th street up to 40th and Williams St. (I realize that might not mean anything to people who don’t live in Denver, so there’s a map below to reference.)

Street art CRUSH Map
Map of all the different street art murals from Colorado CRUSH and where they’re located.

Exploring the Street Art of Colorado CRUSH

My friends and I started our “urban exploration” in the parking lot next to Denver Central Market (2669 Larimer St, Denver, CO 80205). This is pretty much the epicenter of the street art action, where dozens of artists were actively working on their pieces as we walked past. The alley behind the parking lot forks off north and south, and it’s where you’ll find a majority of the new masterpieces. There are murals scattered along Larimer, Walnut and Blake Streets, making for a fun scavenger hunt if you’re up for locating all of them.

While I could describe the graffiti mastery I witnessed, I think you’ll be happier if I show you. FYI, you’re welcome to photograph the pieces, but CRUSH requests you credit the artist if you share on social media. Most artists sign their pieces with their Instagram handle or their name, but if you don’t see it or can’t remember it, there is a map on the website and a list of participating artists.

Love the detail in this one. Located in the parking lot next to Denver Central Market. Artist Douglas Hoekzema @hoxxoh
Where we began the alley art walk. (I’ll be honest, it’s tough to decipher the artist map on the website, so I’m not entirely sure which artists did what here, but I’ll list all of them that CRUSH put on the map). Artists: @lindzshot, @pher01, @mpek36, @brian_scott_hampton
Love the blending and the colors in this one. Artist: Zach Howard @esic
The Alchemist in progress. Artist: Zach Howard @esic


Artist at work. Artist: Zach Howard @esic
Artists: @RumTum_creations and @rather_severe
This was a Stranger Things theme from last year’s CRUSH, but it’s still amazing! Arist: RTD Crew
More Stranger Things. Artist: RTD Crew
This piece spoke to me…clearly. Artist: Outer Source

Stop By Anytime

CRUSH is a celebration of art and urban beautification, and it has brought art from the gallery walls out onto the streets for everyone to enjoy. It’s truly inspiring to see the passion and creativity of the artists, and to watch the street art come to life in front of your eyes. The festival takes place every September and runs for a week. Dates for 2018 aren’t up yet, but if you’re interested in attending, keep your eye on the website for updates.

The true beauty of CRUSH is that the street art of the event lives on for a year until the walls are wiped clean and new pieces are introduced. Even if you missed the festival, you can still enjoy these stunning works of art. If you’re visiting Denver in the next year, or you’re a local who hasn’t been to RiNo in a while, plan a day to explore the neighborhood and admire this outdoor gallery.

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  1. Wow I love exploring the street art of different cities. Definitely have to check out the street art If I ever going to be in Colorado. So far I have only been to L.A., Miaami and San Fran. I can definitely recommend the street art in Miami. Also Johannesburg in South Africa is a hub of street art.

    1. I love exploring street art, too, and it’s everywhere! Haven’t been to Miami or Johannesburg, but definitely want to visit both!

  2. Street Art is one of my very favourite things! And how beautiful and colourful is this? Makes me want to hop on that plane and see it all for myself!

    1. Yeah, the art park there looks amazing! If you make it out to Denver, let me know and I’ll take you to all the breweries!

    1. Exciting! You’ll have a lot of fun. Just walk around River North (RiNo) and you should see most of them (and many more I didn’t post).

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