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My travels have slowed down the last couple months, and I’ve been hanging around Denver a lot as a result. What’s a girl to do between adventures? Explore her own city, of course. I’ve been jumping around town, enjoying various activities and checking out new breweries. But in my explorations, I’ve also found some eclectic, distinctive and noteworthy coffee shops in Denver. Some I’ve known about for years, others I just discovered.Enjoying some of Denver's great coffee shops

You probably know Denver – and Colorado – for the beer scene. But the brews are not limited to the hoppy kind. In fact, coffee shops have made their own cultural stamp on the city. It’s easy to spend hours in these places, sipping a cappuccino, getting lost writing a blog post or reading a really good book, or just people watching. I couldn’t possibly list all of Denver’s coffee shops – there are far too many. Here are some favorites that coffee lovers and digital nomads should definitely visit if they find themselves in the Mile High City.

Steam Espresso Bar

The hip Platt Park neighborhood is home to this quaint independent coffee shop. Established by twin brothers back in 2013, Steam has become a popular hang out for people in the area. Located on the corner of South Pearl and East Colorado, the gray-colored building welcomes visitors with an artsy metal sign and an open patio. On a nice day, this place is buzzing (pun intended) with activity.Steam CoffeeSteam Coffee 1Steam Coffee 2

The baristas gather behind a wood-paneled coffee bar, an exposed brick wall serving as their backdrop. Garage door-style windows open up to the patio. There are plenty of tables where you can grab a seat with friends, or set up your laptop for a long afternoon of work. There’s a nice mixture of chic and industrial decor, with the back room featuring some more ornamental lighting.Steam Espresso Bar - coffee

The menu features the usual coffee staples (espresso, cappuccino, mocha, etc.) and its all created using innovative and sustainable brewing techniques. Steam’s mission is to only brew coffee that is ethically sourced, and only buys coffee from micro-roasters. The food selection is limited to pastries, so if you’re looking for something more substantial, I recommend going elsewhere. But if you want a friendly atmosphere that serves a solid cup of coffee, Steam is a good option.

If you go

Location: 1801 South Pearl Street, Denver, CO 80210

Hours: Mon – Sun: 7:00 am – 5:00 pm

Overt Coffee

Over in Wash Park you’ll find one of the newer additions to the Denver coffee scene. Overt opened in 2015 next to Vert Kitchen. The narrow coffee shop has exposed brick walls and a white-tiled back splash behind the coffee bar.Overt Coffee 6

There is no indoor seating, but a decent size patio can be found out back. On a sunny day, it’s the ideal spot to sip an iced coffee and read a book or chat with friends. If the weather doesn’t permit an outdoor coffee break, I recommend getting a drink to go. The menu consists of your standard coffee drinks, and you can’t go wrong with any selection.  There is a well-stocked deli case in the front, with pre-made sandwiches and salads from Vert Kitchen, kombucha, juices, coconut water, fruit and yogurt.Overt Coffee 1Overt Coffee 5Overt Coffee 2Overt Coffee

Overt is looking to expand and connect their coffee operations to the restaurant next door. A welcome move, in my opinion, as Vert has some exceptional food that would pair perfectly with a dry cappuccino.

If you go

Location: 712 1/2 S. Pearl St. Denver, CO

Hours: Everyday  7am – 5pm

Wash Perk

Wash Perk is located in a residential area just a few blocks from beautiful Washington Park. This neighborhood coffee shop has been serving the community for almost 10 years. The cozy space offers patrons a laid-back atmosphere, with splashes of color and personality. Old stained-glass windows hang from the ceiling, and framed artwork lines the back wall waiting to be taken home.Wash Perk Coffee ShopWash Perk Coffee 1Wash Perk Coffee Shop

There’s loads of outdoor seating, and on a nice day, the sidewalk and patio are packed with people enjoying the warm weather. The funky touches don’t stop when you step outside, either. Knitted works of art adorn the trees and colorful umbrellas shield you from the sun.

The drink selection includes most of the staples, with some specialties available on a rotating seasonal menu. When I was last there, they were offering a honey cinnamon latte and a lavender marshmallow mate latte. I regret my unadventurous iced coffee order, as that last one sounded really interesting.

A range of snacks are available for purchase, or you can order something more substantial such as oatmeal or a breakfast burrito. It can get crowded, and a little loud at times, but overall the atmosphere is inviting and fun. I recommend noise canceling headphones if you need to buckle down and get work done.

If you go

Location: 853 E Ohio Ave Denver, CO 80209

Hours: Monday to Friday – 6:00 AM to 7:00 PM; Sat & Sun – 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Sojourners Coffee and Tea

The name alone should be enough for you to guess why I like this coffee shop. It’s completely travel themed, from the old pieces of luggage on display to the postcards taped to the wall to the maps and globes scattered throughout.Sojourners 1Sojourners 5

Sojourners is located in the Virginia Village neighborhood, tucked away in a tiny retail plaza at the corner of Holly St. and Florida Ave. If I didn’t work a few blocks away, I would have never found this place.

There are a number of tables inside, as well as some comfortable couches and chairs to lounge in. Outdoor seating is available, but I wouldn’t recommend it since it looks out to a parking lot and a busy street – not the most appealing setting.

The menu lists traditional coffee drinks, teas and bucket list items. The Mocha Picante is a popular drink, and I highly recommend it. You can also try the Orangutan and Red Latte. There’s also a section of travel tips, such as extra shot, alternative mile and syrup. Cute, right?

Sojourners 4Sojourners Coffee and Tea

They have a wide selection of breakfast and lunch paninis, as well as oatmeal and pastries. The people behind the counter are super friendly and helpful, and the owner is frequently there making drinks and making sure everyone is enjoying their coffee. Guests will find open tables throughout the day, as it never gets too crowded.

If you go

Location: 1501 S Holly St., Denver, Colorado 80222

Hours: Monday to Friday – 6:00am – 6:00pm; Saturday – 7:30am – 6:00pm; Sunday – CLOSED

St. Marks Coffeehouse

St. Mark’s has been – and probably always will be – my go-to coffee shop in Denver. I’ve been frequenting this place since I was in high school, and it still serves as the perfect spot to meet up with old friends when they’re back in town.St MarksSt Marks 8

Located in the City Park West neighborhood, St. Mark’s is named after the patron saint of Venice, which was one of the first cities in Europe to import coffee. St. Mark’s lion, gargoyle statues, colorful tiles and fresco-style paintings decorate the coffeehouse. Church pews line the wall on one side, and patrons sit at marble-topped tables. On a nice day, garage doors at the front and back of the coffeehouse open to outdoor seating areas.St Marks 2St Marks 4St Marks 3

When it comes to drinks and food, I usually fall back on my favorite: a cappuccino and an everything bagel with plain cream cheese. The menu consists of traditional coffee options, like mocha, latte and chai. If you feel like taking a break from coffee, I recommend trying one of their Italian Sodas – they’re perfect on a hot summer day. Food items vary from bagels and muffins to hearty paninis and cookies.St Marks 6St Marks 5St Marks Coffeehouse - coffee

If you’re a night owl, St. Mark’s is one of the few coffee shops in Denver that stays open until midnight. If you’re looking for a different kind of brew, you can order a craft beer from the bar next door, The Thin Man.

St. Mark’s is a very popular coffee shop. If you want to guarantee yourself a table, I recommend arriving early. The place is packed by 9am. The traffic ebbs and flows, so you may get lucky if you arrive later in the day. You’ll find a mixture of people plugged into laptops, friends and families chatting over drinks, and busy-bodies stopping in for a coffee-to-go. Its your quintessential neighborhood hangout, and I wish I lived closer so I could spend more time there

If you go

Location: 2019 East 17th Avenue, Denver, CO 80206

Hours: Everyday 6:30am – 12pm

Copper Door Coffee Roasters

Copper Door began as a wholesaler back in 2006, roasting beans out of a garage. When Hannah Ulbrich took over the operations back in 2014, it expanded to become a coffee haven for the community. There are now two cafe locations in Denver: Mayfair and The Yard on Santa Fe.Copper Door Coffee Roasters

I visited the Mayfair location on Jersey St., situated in an unassuming retail structure. Truthfully, I wouldn’t have found this place had it not been for my mom who recommended I check it out. Now that I know it’s there, I’ll definitely be going back.

A wall of doors welcomes you as you enter the quaint cafe, offering the perfect backdrop for an instagram-worthy shot. The baristas were super friendly and eager to help me decide what to order. I was feeling adventurous this time, and figured I’d divert from my usual cappuccino. I treated myself to a Dulce de Leche latte and a sweet potato chorizo burrito –  both delicious and very reasonably priced.Copper Door Coffee RoastersCopper Door Coffee RoastersCopper Door Coffee RoastersCopper Door 5

The atmosphere is quiet and cozy, with plenty of tables where people can work on their various projects. A set of comfortable chairs sit in the corner, with a pile of games and toys next to them for children to enjoy. Bags of coffee line the shelves next to the counter, available for you to purchase and brew at home at your leisure.Copper Door Coffee Roasters

I’m glad I discovered this coffee gem. It’s the perfect spot to grab a brew with friends, enjoy a quick breakfast or lunch break, or hunker down and work. Another cool fact to know about this place? Copper Door is the only 100% female-owned coffee roaster in Denver, and it actively supports women in the coffee industry. I can get behind that!

If you go

Locations: 932 Jersey St., Denver, CO 80220 & 900 W. 1st Avenue #180, Denver, CO 80223

Hours: Monday – Friday – 6:00AM – 5:00PM; Saturday – Sunday – 7:00AM – 4:00PM

Other Noteworthy Denver Coffee Shops

There are several Denver coffee shops you can visit, and I encourage you to explore the many options around town. If you need more recommendations, here are a few others I enjoy.

Hooked on Colfax – 3213 E. Colfax Avenue, Denver, CO 80206; 7am – 10pm Daily

Blue Sparrow Coffee – 3070 Blake Street, Unit 180, Denver, Colorado 80205

Crema – 2862 Larimer St, Denver, CO 80205; Open every day 7am—5pm

Downpours Coffee – 3937 Tennyson Street, Denver, CO 80212; open 7am – 4pm daily

Novo Coffee – Multiple locations and hours of operation

Do you have a favorite coffee shop in Denver? I’m always looking for new places to grab my other favorite brew. Please share in the comments.

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Denver isn't just known for its beers, it's also known for its coffee. The coffee culture in Denver is best experienced by visiting some of the local coffee shops. There are so many great spots to grab a coffee, here are just a few recommendations from a local.


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