Travel podcasts designed to feed your wanderlust

14 Podcasts to Spark Your Wanderlust

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Seeking some travel inspiration? There’s a podcast for that.

Nowadays, there’s a podcast for everything. If you can think of a topic, there’s probably a podcast about it. Personally, my list of programs is extensive, and each serves a specific purpose in my everyday life. Comedic – for a good laugh in dark times; politics/news – for a comprehensive soundbite of the larger picture; philosophical – for answers to mind boggling questions (seriously, how old is Winnie the Pooh!); and travel – for feeding my wanderlust.

The travel podcasts in the market range from inspirational stories of adventure and interviews with experienced explorers, to informational updates on the travel industry and useful travel tips. Just as every podcast is different, so is every traveler. Each person will get something different out of these programs. You may be completely disinterested in one, but totally enthralled with another. Either way, this list of travel podcasts will give you an escape from the everyday, and hopefully inspire a future adventure.

Outdoor Adventures

Like to get dirty? You’re sure to love these podcasts!

The Dirtbag Diaries

Dirtbag diaries travel podcastImagine sitting around the campfire with a group of wild adventurers, sharing stories of grit, grime and gut-wrenching action. That’s what it’s like listening to The Dirtbag Diaries. The original passion project from the team at Duct Tape Then Beer, Dirtbag Diaries was born out of a desire to tell stories – really good stories – about experiences in the wild places around the world. It’s been going strong for over ten years. Host Fitz Cahall encourages community storytelling, and, as a result, the program continues to deliver compelling, engaging, fascinating, and often humorous, tales of adventure. (Subscribe)

Outside Podcast

Outside Podcast - travel and outdoor adventuresA handful of survival stories, a cup of scientific research, a dash of fitness advice. Bake for less than an hour, and you’ve got the Outside Podcast. From the editors of Outside Magazine, the Outside Podcast brings concepts and stories from the publication to the audio world. You’ll hear tales of survival in some of nature’s most extreme environments, discover what scientists are doing to improve our natural habitats, and pick up some healthy living tidbits. (Subscribe)


Rough Guide to Everywhere

Rough Guide to Everything - travel podcastA guide book gives you basic information about a destination: best times to visit, good places to stay or eat, fun things to do, blah, blah, blah. Rough Guides travel publications take the guide book to the next level. Their books have a journalistic style that tells a story, while simultaneously providing travelers with the practical things they need. They bring this same storytelling to their podcast, Rough Guide to Everywhere. This is where they share the “untold stories,” the ones that wouldn’t get published in a guide book. It was hosted by Rough Guides travel editor Greg Dickinson, but his last episode was posted in December 2017, and it’s unknown who will take it over. Until then, you can catch up on everything that happened last year – there are some amazing stories. (Subscribe)

Travel Inspiration

Thirsty for travel? These podcasts will motivate you to hit the road.

The Amateur Traveler

Amateur Traveler podcastAt one time or another, we’re all plagued by this question: Where should I travel next? The Amateur Traveler attempts to answer that. Through friendly conversations and entertaining stories, creator and host Chris Christensen hopes to motivate people to travel. Since the show premiered back in 2005, Christensen has covered destinations all over the globe: from New Caledonia and Guizhou China, to San Diego and Mackinac Island. If you have a destination in mind, chances are, there’s an Amateur Traveler episode about it. And the podcast doesn’t just inspire you to visit these different places, it also helps you decide what to do when you get there. Like a digital travel agent. (Subscribe)

Zero to Travel Podcast

Zero to Travel podcastAre you looking to travel more? Do you have a dream of someday traveling full time? Or do you just want to better incorporate travel into your life? The Zero to Travel Podcast “helps you travel the world on your terms, no matter your situation.” Host and travel expert Jason Moore chats with seasoned travelers and adventurers, and shares his own travel experiences, to help you discover new and different ways to travel. What I love most about this podcast is how Jason and his guests provide useful, actionable advice to make your travel dreams come true, whatever they might be. I will say the topics lean towards folks looking to travel full-time or start businesses that allow them to travel for work, but there are some nuggets for those simply looking to bring more travel to their lives. (For all my beer loving readers out there. Jason has a great episode called Atlas Of Beer: The Crossroads Of Beer and Travel – be sure to check it out!) (Subscribe)

Travel Tales

Travel Tales podcastThe best travel inspiration comes from stories. Stories from travelers, friends, or relatives who have experienced a place we haven’t – or even a place we have. Travel Tales brings those stories to the podcast world, offering listeners lighthearted conversations about the best and worst parts of travel. Comedian and TV host Mike Siegel invites guests to share their true tales from the road in the hopes of inspiring you to explore the world. (Subsrcibe)


Travel Stories

Travel Stories podcastI think the title says it all. Travel Stories brings you narratives of “wonder and adventure, crafted with sound effects and a musical accompaniment” according to the website. Host Hayden Lee welcomes travel writers, actors, bloggers and adventurers to tell their unique stories. Over five seasons, there have been a range of scary experiences, hilarious encounters and heartfelt lessons. If you haven’t picked up on it already, the stories and interviews are designed to inspire and feed your wanderlust. (subscribe)


Unmapped travel podcastWhen you see a destination on screen, it’s easy to envision yourself there. Stories can have that power, too, but it takes the right kind of storytelling to really paint the picture. Unmapped accomplishes just that. Host Angelina Zeppieri weaves a narrative so visually stimulating, you’ll think you’re right next to her, along for the ride. Unmapped is relatively new to the travel podcast scene, but it’s already generated a lot of buzz. Hop on this bandwagon now, because there’s a lot more to come. (Subscribe)

Female Travel

Where all my lady globetrotters at? These podcasts are for you!

XX, Will Travel

XX, Will Travel podcastDo you seek adventure? Are you a woman? Then you’ll love this program. XX, Will Travel is the podcast for independent female travelers. While the description may imply that this is for women who travel alone, that’s not the case. Even if you travel with your significant other, family or friends, you’ll definitely get something out of this show. I’ve only traveled solo a handful of times, and I still love the podcast! Hosts Ines Bellina and Kathy Pulkrabek share interviews with inspirational female travelers, writers and entrepreneurs; discuss burning travel topics; and offer useful tips on independent female travel. (Subscribe)

Women Who Travel

Women in Travel podcastThe travel tapestry has changed over the years, especially for women. The message of female empowerment is roaring ever-louder, both at home and abroad. And still there are challenges to face, issues to discuss and an never-ending list of places to visit. The Women Who Travel podcast aims to “dissect the realities of traveling as a woman today, high-five all the women shaking up the travel industry; and celebrate all the reasons why we refuse to stay at home.” This recently launched podcast is from Condé Nast Traveler editors Lale Arikoglu and Meredith Carey. Each episodes brings together different female travelers to discuss hot topics like solo female travel and the safe places to travel, social media’s affect on traveling, the travel industry and women of color, and how to plan your first trip abroad. (Subscribe)

Women on the Road

Women on the Road travel podcastYou’ve heard of #vanlife, right? If you haven’t, search that hashtag now! There are hundreds (probably thousands) of people living out of converted vans, buses, campers and SUVs, and many of them are women. What’s van life like for them? Women on the Road seeks to answer that question. Every episode, host Lauren Hughes, in partnership with She Explores, shares honest stories from the women who have lived them. At the same time, Lauren is learning how to make the road her home, as she lives out of a Ford Transit Van. (Subscribe)

Travel News and Advice

Want to be up-to-date on the latest in the travel industry? Or just looking for some quick travel tips? These podcasts are sure to meet your needs.


Travelogue podcastWhen I get together with friends, the conversation, more often than not, turns to travel. Because travel is social, and people love talking about it. Every week, Travelogue brings together writers and editors at Condé Nast Traveler to chat about, you guessed it, travel. They discuss the latest trends in the industry, what’s new and different in the travel world; offer tips and secrets, and get advice from experts; and, most importantly, give you the tools and inspiration to explore the world. It’s a fun, quick way to get up to speed on what’s happening in travel, and pick up some useful tricks to make your travels better. (Subscribe)

This Week in Travel

This week in travel podcastThings are constantly changing in the travel world. It’s hard to keep up with it all. But, as I stated before, there’s a travel podcast for that. This Week in Travel, hosted by Gary Arndt (, Jen Leo (, and Chris Christensen (, is a weekly roundtable covering news and trends in travel. Each episode brings together experts from the industry to discuss what’s happening, what it means and where things are headed next. If you geek out on travel and market trends (like I do), this one is for you. (Subscribe)

The Budget Minded Traveler

The Budget Minded Traveler PodcastThere’s no denying it, travel can be expensive. But if you plan it right, and make some savvy moves, you can see the world on a dime (or whatever your budget might be). The Budget-Minded Traveler Podcast can help you do it. Host Jackie Nourse and featured guests are wonderful resources for your budget travel needs. They offer practical tips, tricks and inspiration to make international travel attainable for everyone. (Subscribe)


So there you have it. An extensive list of travel podcasts to feed your wanderlust. Whether you use them for advice, inspiration or just as an escape from your day, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

I based this list off podcasts I personally listen to and find interesting. If there’s a show I should check out, or include in this list, I’d love more recommendations! Share your favorite travel podcasts in the comments.

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Looking for some travel inspiration? This list of #travel #podcasts will give you lots to listen to: crazy outdoor adventures, inspiring tales from the road, useful travel tips and advice, engaging interviews, and so much more. These are podcasts that I love, and hopefully you will, too.




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