Great Wall of China

Meet Vanessa

Colorado is where I grew up, and will always be home to me. But the world is so much bigger than my great state, and I have every intention of exploring as much of it as I can. My first overseas trip was when I was just a year old, and even though I have no memory of that journey, the wanderlust has stuck with me ever since.

A lot of credit is owed to my parents, who took my brother and me with them on trips all over the worldΒ from Madrid and Sydney to Paris and Jakarta. They have always encouraged me to travel and follow my dreams, and I can’t thank them enough for that.

In college, I studied English and Communications, and knew I wanted to be a writer. While my path has been unpredictable and taken me in a few different directions in terms of careers, writing and traveling have been two constants. My full-time job keeps me busy in the marketing world, but I continue to write freelance travel articles and make it a goal to travel somewhere new every year.

About Hops on the Road

Running and craft beer are two more passions of mine, apart from writing and travel. Hops on the Road combines them all. Here you will find stories of my adventures all over the country and the world, treating my taste buds to brews from a variety of destinations, and pushing my body to new heights. I offer tips on staying active while on the road, the science and flavor profiles behind some of my favorite beers, suggestions for active gear, and all the exciting things to do in all the cities I visit.

And I’m always open to new ideas, new places, new brews and new thrills. I plan to experience as much as I can, and document it all on Hops on the Road.

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