My trip to the Great Wall of China, a travel adventure I will always remember.

Hi! I’m Vanessa

So happy you stopped by to learn a little more about me. I’m a Colorado native, and I absolutely love my home state. I also have a major case of wanderlust and have every intention of exploring as much of this world as I can. One of my goals is to travel to a new international destination every year, and so far I’ve stuck to that. Between major vacations, I like to travel within the U.S. and explore some of the areas of my country I haven’t been. Would I love to travel more? Absolutely! And I hope one day I’ll be able to live that remote lifestyle. Until then, I will continue to stay busy with my full-time job in marketing and freelance travel writing gigs. All the while creating informative, inspiring blog posts to encourage people to travel

About Hops on the Road

Hops on the Road is where I document all my travel, fitness and craft beer adventures. Here you will find stories of my experiences all over the country and the world, treating my taste buds to brews from a variety of destinations and how to stay active while on the road. One of my other big passions is encouraging people to take vacation, to travel as much as possible, and never waste those vacation days. Many of my posts include advice on how to incorporate travel into your everyday life. Hops on the Road is designed to inspire people to see the world, try something new and keep on moving.

And I’m always open to new ideas, new places, new brews and new thrills. I plan to experience as much as I can, and document it all on Hops on the Road.

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