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Back to Bean Town: Nine Best Things to do in Boston in the Summer

I ventured back to Boston a couple weekends ago, marking the fourth time visiting this great city. What keeps bringing me back here? My best friend would say it’s her—and that is a factor—but there’s something else that pulls me to Boston. What it is, I can’t exactly put my finger on. It has an

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A Sample of Boulder Beer

After a long morning of hiking in Eldorado Canyon State Park, just outside of Boulder, my husband and I decided a well-deserved beer was in order. In my mission to visit as many craft breweries in Colorado as possible, we decided to head over to Boulder Beer Company. The brewery is located on the eastern

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24 Hours in Holland, Michigan

When I lived in Chicago, there were so many great cities within a short drive. Even so, it took me almost six years of living there before I finally made it over to Michigan—which is only a couple hours’ drive from the city. I made the drive in mid-February with one of my girlfriends, not

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